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We are very happy to have you as one of our candidates. We would like to welcome you to the big family of the workers abroad who have been able with decent reward for their work to earn a better life for themselves and for their family in the conditions of the developed Western society! We hope that all procedures will end successfully and we will soon have the pleasure to welcome you personally here, in the European Union.


Our services are free for the applicants but, of course, we have our rules to which we insist on keeping. However, our free service does not apply to employers. Also, you are not required to pay for any fees or commissions, either before or after you start to work.

Please see the additional documents:

  • Work permit AF (Application form)
  • Social Number AF
  • Medical Card AF
  • Europass
  • Number of the registration in the State Labor office of Ireland (it must be written in the documents)

The above documents along with your personal documents will form your Full Application Documents Pack (acc. our Terms & Conditions).


For your eventual successful work transfer your next steps should be:

If you will prepare the documents alone, without any outside help – then you should contact our Live Chat Support to learn the deadline for your position. If you chose this option please click here and contact our Support Team. 

Please take into account that you have to fill in all necessary data very precisely without any errors or inaccuracies. Unfortunately, even the smallest mistake, the slightest inaccuracy or incompleteness in the documents could be a rejection on the part of the state authorities ( during the eventual process of issuing a visa or work permit that follows) and thus your entire working transfer would fail.


(recommended) If you will use the services of a specialized company and now you are ready to order and pay 15 euros (900 Php) for your Full Application Documents Pack – then click here, pay and follow the Documents / Visa Agency’s instructions. Your Full Application Documents Pack will be ready up to 2 days.

In that way you will avoid the risk to miss the deadline; You (but we too) will be sure that your documents will not be rejected because of some stupid mistakes or oversight. If you choose this option please click here and secure your Full Application Documents Pack on time.


If you choose the whole amount of money (or a part of it) for the preparation of your documents to be paid by employer/recruiter then contact our Live Chat Support. You will have to spend between 30 and 40 minutes of your time to fill in one detailed form, created according to the requirements of the employer’s country.

If you chose this option please click here and fill in the form. If you have any difficulty during filling the form please get online help from our Support Team. If you don’t have time right now please keep this link in your records and fill in the form later: www.documents-services.com/index.php/data-form 




What do we expect from you? To select one of the three ways mentioned above and to compilate your Full Appication Pack in the next few days. Once compilated, your documents must arrive at the employer’s company in Europe before the set deadline.

In case that you encounter any difficulties, which could significantly increase the time for preparing the complete set of your Full Application Documents Pack, please connect our online chat support as soon as possible.

Need Support:

Please contact our online chat support to get a free help. We are online Mon-Fri between 08:00 – 17:00 Manila (Philippines) Time:



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To receive free consulting assistance on the procedures and specifics in general, about anything imminent, which is an integral part of a work transfer abroad. For this purpose, we are ready to give you usefull information, which, hopefully, will help improve your awareness and better your orientation:


  The UK Information Unit (for Ireland it is almost the same situation)


  • Are you entitled to a UK pension?

We suggest that we start with the pensions. It is important to know that after several years of progressively securing your future pension could increase from 300 to 800 pounds. According to the chosen pension fund, your future pension can be send directly into your bank account at any point in the world. Because of this, it’s far from insignificant which pension fund you choose… Read more.


  • What do I need to take my family with me to the UK?

UK family visas are many in nature. They allow existing UK nationals, EEA nations or even UK permanent residents who are currently living the United Kingdom to sponsor their respective partners, their parents and their children to move to and remain in the United Kingdom… Read more.